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Patience, perseverance, and dedication.

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Ilia Silvestri
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Elaine Curtis

Name: Ilia Silvestri
"Real" Name: Elaine Curtis
Room Number: F16, Roommate: Lana Skye (fourstonewalls)
Age: 23
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’7” (171cm)
Other Characteristics:
--Physical description
--Responses to Aquilas, Abe Sapien, etc.

Main Language: English
Second Language(s): None stated in canon
--Voice Sample (Contains no spoilers)

Current Physical Status: Cut across the outside of her left shin, relatively shallow, bandaged.
Current Power Limitations: Powers and Limitations
Current Belongings: Landel's Starter Kit and prison uniform patient's uniform, origami frog (a little flat) and pig figurines, about 10 small packages of burn ointment (from general storage), 2 rolls of cotton gauze for bandaging (general storage), 2 rolls of dressing bandages (general storage), 3 boxes of bandaids (general storage), 3 tubes of antibiotic ointment (general storage), 2 boxes of latex gloves (general storage), 1 small bottle of weak painkillers (mission complete, NS 47)

Informational Link: Personal History
Series: Star Ocean: First Departure
"Real Life" Background: Coming soon! (?)

Tracking within Landel's
Relationships in Landel's Post
HMD - For Comments and Crit

Permissions: Want to get into a fight with Ilia? Think it would make good CR for her and your character? Cool, I'm interested! But I would appreciate a pm if you plan on really hurting her (like, broken bones, etc.) as she's likely to fight back and hurt your character just as much. I'd love to work out the details~ - This does not apply to monsters, evil doctors or SC'd patients, as they ICly can not/refuse to show mercy.

Extra FYI notes:
-I'm a terribly shy person so unless you invite me to talk to you I may not have the guts to contact you (I might not even have enough even with encouragement) BUT I will be receptive if you wish to talk with me or AIM me. Really, you can poke me if you want to...
-Coincidentally, I'm not the greatest conversationalist in the world. Definitely nothing enlightening is coming out of me.
-I'm a bit of a tl;dr writer. Like, I write oceans of text. So if you want me to tone it down a little, send me a pm or message me please.
-My most active times are when I'm not in class or at work. Sadly, I don't have a phone with internet capabilities (stuck in the early 21st century :P) but I'll pretty much always be willing to backthread if you want to~
---Current work schedule: Sun 5:00pm - Close, Mon 7:00pm - Close, Thur 12:00pm - 10:00pm (Close means however long it takes for cleanup after the doors lock at 12:00am; this is in USA Central time)
---Current class schedule: Mon/Wed 9:30am - 2:45pm, Tue/Thur 10:30am - 11:45am, Fri 9:30am - 11:45am (this is in USA Central time)
-This journal is not a real person, and is for RP use only. Star Ocean: First Departure and Ilia Silvestri are copyright of Square Enix.
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