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Jul. 13th, 2025

guess it really was that simple

OOC: Tracking Post

Through the Demon's Gate (Day 51)Collapse )

And straight into hell (Day 52)Collapse )

Nobody said there would always be good days (Day 53)Collapse )

And life has a way of disappointing us often (Day 54)Collapse )

But that's nothing... (Day 55)Collapse )

Because there's always something more (Day 56)Collapse )

So just keep smiling (Day 57)Collapse )

Because tomorrow's a better day. (Day 58)Collapse )

And the next will be even better than tomorrow. (Day 59)Collapse )

As long as we strive for a better tomorrow. (Day 60)Collapse )
*As a note, reserved spaces are always tentative, as other players can change their minds about threading with Aigis whenever they wish. Any spots marked N/A are unreserved and open for free pouncing, or you can pm me to schedule your character with mine at that time.
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Jun. 12th, 2025

with captain

OOC: Relationships Post

As of Shift 1 of day 51Collapse )

Jul. 10th, 2010


OOC: Third Person Sample

In case anyone was interested.
Word count: approx. 815

Third Person SampleCollapse )
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RAWR, offensive

OOC: Powers and Limitations

Otherworldly abilitiesCollapse )

LimitationsCollapse )

Non-otherworldly abilitiesCollapse )
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*soft voice*

OOC: Physical description and Personality; Player responses

Physical descriptionCollapse )

PersonalityCollapse )

Player Responses (Aquilas, etc.)Collapse )

OOC: Personal History and Point of Arrival

Personal historyCollapse )

Taken from when?Collapse )

Jun. 16th, 2010

Ilia Silvestri

OOC: Obligatory HMD

How's My Driving?

Got suggestions and comments about how Ilia is being played? Tell me all about it! Please, don't flame or spam. That's uncool. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated!

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